Innovative team

Sometimes two people are enough to make things different.

In this case, we talk about Daniel and Gaston, who worked together during years in the software world, until they decide to get their self out of the box and do what they wanted to do.
From Uruguay, they joined with the best professionals from other countries. And it's easy to note that all of them have similar mindsets about the world and their technical aspirations.

Someone help at an animal sanctuary, while other is vegetarian, or participates in environment cutes. And all agree to resolve complex problems that need to think in another way than traditional.

Also, you can view some of our profiles from Cuba, a little country like Uruguay, but filled by huge people. It's a really lovely country with beautiful people, that do always the best possible things.

Daniel Frascarelli's picture
Daniel Frascarelli
Founder & CTO

farmer and addict to matte

Stefano Nodale's picture
Stefano Nodale
Product Owner

homely person, enthusiastic and matte drinker

Rocio Cruz's picture
Rocio Cruz Linares
Chief Developer

Educational activities enthusiast, perfectionist and occasional writer

Alejandro Mustelier's picture
Alejandro Mustelier
Chief Developer

Tech addict, freestyle rap, skateboards

Adriano Flechilla's picture
Adriano Flechilla
Chief Developer

Claudia Gomez's picture
Claudia Gomez
Chief Developer

I was born with a reading list I'll never finish

Roberto Salas's picture
Roberto Salas
Chief Marketing Manager

passionate about backpacking travelling

Jose Rios's picture
Jose Rios
Chief Developer

Love to teach and puzzles fan

Martin Pintos's picture
Martin Pintos
UX/UI Designer

Gaston Lasalt's picture
Gaston Lasalt
Founder & CEO

luminescent stuff reader

Luciana Prates's picture
Luciana Prates
UI Designer

lover of all animals and plants.
addicted to learning.

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