Angular migration with a challenging opposite time zone

All Gifted is an online platform founded in Delaware in 2014 which through the use of technology, provides affordable and transparent literacy and numeracy programs to students to prepare them for tertiary education or career, whatever their socio-economic background, will reach individualized education.



working with a client in an opposite time zone

The main challenge on this project was not only the technical aspects of the migration but the communication challenge which arises from the time difference (Singapore is 11 hours ahead of Montevideo).
Also, the communication was developed in a language that is not native to any of the participants, which, while not preventing its development, adds barriers that lead to misunderstandings.



Focusing on assertive communication

Our proposal was to promote an environment of transparency in the state of the project, reporting positive progress with the same haste as tasks blocked by decisions that the client should take. As the biggest challenge identified was communication, the focus was there.



Agreeing risks and managing together

Today, all-gifted continuous growing and offering their courses to hundreds of students.
Despite the challenges and risks, the project was successfully closed and even features that were not initially considered were included.
One of the learnings in this experience is that communication is needed especially when there are insurmountable difficulties such as the time difference.
Commenting and agreeing with the client regarding the risky points for the project helped us to emphasize them. The time zone was so different (11 hs) that even overlapping a single hour of work resulted in an effort on both sides. So the possible blocks and pending issues we had to handle with foresight and transparency.