Sports and Fitness community

The client platform is a coaching system, where coaches have coachees who they help in different aspects through sessions. It is also a community of athletes, parents, and coaches where they can meet to chat and share everything they know about sports and fitness.
What it offers is a service to connect athletes with private trainers. It does it with the conviction that private training is the key to excelling and reaching the next level in sport and in life. They have thousands of trainers and hundreds of training sessions per day.


Challenge and Solution

Calendar and session availability/blocking

One of the needs that had to be covered and improved was the agenda and contact between athletes and coaches.
For this Frasal worked with 1950Labs on the schedule, availability, and blocking of sessions. This was done through the Nylas API, integrating external calendars from Microsoft (Office365) and Apple (iCal). In addition, the frontend of the application was worked on using React, and the integrations and services were implemented on the backend using NestJS, with TypeORM and Jest for testing.