A customer-focused on helping displaced classes

The company provides a proven, reliable pipeline for connecting underrepresented groups including people of color, women, and veterans to the necessary training and hands-on skills needed to be successful in the talent-hungry tech industry.
In this case, we reached the client working within the SpaceDev team. They are a software factory serving clients all around the world.


Many technical restrictions

The project had many technical restrictions that made it impossible to add new functionalities.
Many fundamental aspects were presented hardcoded in the code and it was necessary to make the development more flexible.



Smart prioritization

We help in the development of the project with the responsibility of technical decisions. So we beat an important part in the success of the project.
By intelligently prioritizing tasks, we were able to address the most significant changes first.
We prematurely validated our progress with the client, delivering significant value results.



A greater than expected reach was achieved

We managed to finish all tasks on time. We were even able to include out-of-scope tasks, which were added as the results were viewed.
This possibility of moving the scope and the tasks helped us to achieve the success of the project manifested by customer satisfaction.

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