A Smarter Way to Charter

Our Argentine partner had the objective of developing an app for a US client. This app should be used to reserve charter flights for member users. A list of aircraft should be offered for each category, showing detailed information for each aircraft. In addition, the user could view and manage their flights and reservations, as well as their own membership.


Little time

The biggest challenge was the time we had to build a team and the delivery time. We have seen this problem in more than one project, which results from the imperative need of the end customer to have its productive application. In addition, there were possible technical complications based on the proposed design, which compromised the estimates and the delivery date.



Build a good team

Leverage our candidate database to build a team right away, and consistently support the team from scratch to keep development moving smoothly. Maintaining fluid communication with the team and with our partner is vital in these cases to reduce risks.



The dates were met

As on other occasions, the team could be built in a very short time. In this case, it was in less than two weeks, where we were able to contribute with a couple of react-native developers and with the complete estimate of the project. In addition to the development of the equipment built, at Frasal we held periodic retrospectives to ensure that the different human and technical aspects were optimal to meet the objectives.