A focused marketing team

It is a large company with clear long-term goals. The marketing team works on these objectives to carry out different projects that try to improve customer receptivity to the brand. Some of these projects target the website, while others target print marketing. In both cases the goal is always the same, to keep current customers and get new customers every time

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Their capacity to adapt to our needs and to always find the best solutions stands out to me

Digital Channel Coordinator


Web development services

The company's biggest challenge is to be able to move forward with all the projects they manage in parallel. In many cases, it must be coordinated with various stakeholders and it can be difficult to reach an organization that serves the company in its final objective. Their projects are generally focused on the website, but in many cases, they include integrations with external systems or with their back-office

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Coordinating and developing

Part of our team has been working for them for several years, integrated within the Uruit team. As part of the provided solution, the team work on their website, managing all back-end functionalities and other web functionalities for things like sales. That's done always maintaining agile methodologies, either from the evolutionary channel or from the support. Coordination with their digital channel coordinator is also carried out, maintaining fluid and regular communication to achieve the desired objectives

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The numbers keep improving

For years the site has migrated from one CMS to another, from one technology to another. Internally, its core was also changed, going from a file billing system to a more modern and online one. Many services were also improved, which ultimately impact the quality perceived by their end customers. And this is reflected in the reports themselves. The number of visits to the website has been maintained and improved, reaching almost a million sessions by month. Projects were also implemented that get more than 3000 new clients every month today

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