Inheriting an application

Tiarg is a technology company with more than twenty years of experience in the technology market. It currently has facilities in Argentina, the United States, Spain, and Brazil.
In addition to offering software services, it also has a staff of products for marketing, e-commerce, asset management and control, automation systems, digital recruitment, and more.
On this occasion, the tiarg team had to continue with the development of an application for pets, veterinarians, and clients, and they contacted us to help them. The application had to connect veterinarians with their clients, simplifying the coordination of agendas and communication.


Obsolete Technologies

The biggest challenge, in this case, was technical. When Tiarg inherited the project there was no corresponding git and the changes were made on a shared folder. In addition, AngularJS was being used, a technology about to be deprecated and that implied a risk of losing the support of technical support.

tiarg portfolio


Migrate technologies

Propose architectural changes to the solution from the beginning. This implied being able to advance with future developments with new technologies, as pre-existing functionalities were migrated. The new and old technologies had to work and coexist at all times, as long as they did not finish migrating, and of course, the application had to be kept active at all times without any change is visible to the end-user.

tiarg portfolio


A successful migration

It was possible to version the application as expected, and integrate changes made by the previous provider in a separate branch from ours. As planned, new changes were integrated and existing functionality migrated, modifying not only the technology but also the architecture of the solution itself. The end customer was never affected by these changes.

tiarg portfolio