Helping to get the next release

Tiarg is a technology company with more than twenty years of experience in the technology market. It currently has facilities in Argentina, the United States, Spain, and Brazil.
In addition to offering software services, it also has a staff of products for marketing, e-commerce, asset management and control, automation systems, digital recruitment, and more.

We highlight the speed with which Frasal managed to join one of our main projects.
The spirit of collaboration and commitment can be seen from day one

Lic. Gabriela Masi, Systems Director at Tiarg


Next release very close

One of their products had a major launch planned in a short time involving a large number of users.
It was expected that with this event, sponsored by the Government of Buenos Aires, the use of the application would take off from normal values.
The biggest challenge involved the short learning time, the continuation of a legacy solution, and the large volumes of data.

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The most important thing was the immediate incorporation of our team into the project.
Strong communication was maintained from the beginning, intensifying learning.
We also worked together with the rest of Frasal to provide external support to the team, so that the obstacles were less and easier to solve.

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Excellent market response

It was possible to reach the date of the event, achieving very good use-values.
The event brought app usage to about 3,000 users in less than a week.
In addition, it was possible to incorporate high data volume functionalities, such as the generation and download of dozens of pdfs in real time of more than five hundred megabytes each.

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