A foundation for everyone

Teleton Uruguay was established in order to provide a pediatric rehabilitation service available to everyone in the country. Their technical objective is the comprehensive rehabilitation of children and young people (up to 18 years) with a disability of neuro-musculoskeletal origin, in order to favor their family, school, work, and social inclusion.
To sustain itself and achieve its mission, the Foundation holds an annual event called "Teleton", which consists of a television program broadcast on a national chain by open television channels and radio stations throughout the country, 24 hours uninterrupted, during which raises awareness about the problem of disability, promotes the inclusion of the person with disabilities and requests the collaboration of citizens

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It has been a pleasure to work with this team. I love to see young people working seriously and professionally. Also, I find it a great value that they work proactively as they do, they got into the project and brought new ideas and added value.

Martin Lucas, Communication Manager at Teleton


Bringing people together at a distance

Because of the pandemic, the motto of this year's event "Dar lo mejor de nosotros" urged people to help and keep in touch even from a distance. For this, they wanted to give the community the option to join and share their photos, forming hearts from a distance. The main problem was the time and manual labor of joining those images.

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An automatic system for forming hearts

The proposal consisted of a system that would allow a user to join their photo with another taken from the community. This option would offer a simple edition made by the user himself, who could see the result in real-time, in addition to being able to share it on social networks.

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A successful system

Despite the short time available, we were able to create the system on time. This avoided manual editing of hundreds of images, allowing Teleton volunteers to dedicate their time to other tasks on the most anticipated day of the year.
In total, we have a repository of images and information of hundreds of users who used the system for a few hours. After the event, it stopped being used, but the intention is to renew it next year to use it for other purposes.

teleton portfolio