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What we do here?

We focus on two areas, through theoretical/practical courses and developing projects that aim to add experiences with new technologies, seeking to solve a particular concern or challenge.

Interesting courses

If you had time and access to all the knowledge, what would you want to learn?
At frasal we have a study program that we offer to our people to keep us constantly updated.

Artificial Intelligence
Aligned with the spirit of the company and with several of our profiles, we believe that it is a good opportunity for all of us to specialize.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Undoubtedly, a good use of Artificial Intelligence is to use it to do datascience, an added value to the data that companies already have.
Specialization and improvement of our practices when programming cannot be left behind. This program also serves to improve the category of our developers.
Artificial Intelligence

Projects that rocks!

The ultimate goal of our business is always to solve problems and make processes simpler. This can be done in both real customer projects and prototypes trying to research possible solutions to real problems.

Centralizes various functionalities of different travel apps. One of their challenges was to return information from different sources in a centralized format.
Technologies: python, node.js, angular, react, postgresql, postgis, numpy, scipy, nltk, scikit-learn, flask, geohash
Freestyle PlayGround
Analyzes audio tracks and recognizes sound frequencies to provide useful information to create tracks in freestyle community matches
Technologies: angular, nest.js, mysql,,music-tempo, graphql
Exploratory data analysis is a set of procedures, mostly statistical, for analyzing data sets with the aim of summarizing the main characteristics of the data set, several visualizations (graphs) are often used to achieve this purpose
Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Python, PostgreSQL