Developing a good cause

The work was done for Ocean Ring Technologies, an American IT based in Philadelphia. They are dedicated to helping non-profit organizations and it is something that motivated us to make contact.
The project seeks to encourage people to perform acts of goodwill, called "acts of peace" The goal is to achieve "1 billion acts". The website has a voting system to award people like people like the Dalai Lama, Greta Thunberg, and some Nobel laureates.


Geographically distributed and technically heterogeneous team

The team was distributed among different countries (US, Mexico, Uruguay, Hungary) and little connected. There was only one formal meeting a week, and there were no scrum dailies. With all this, the incorporation of new people took a lot of time and effort due to the lack of intense communication.
The fact that many developers were involved in the project over time made the implementation very uneven. This led to a low quality of the code and architecture of it. Which made it difficult to incorporate new functionalities since the related code had to be improved before.

Acts of peace portfolio


Teamwork and communication

We tried from the beginning to manage a more fluid communication with the team, without distorting too much the current work dynamics. In addition to being as autonomous as possible, also relying on Frasal's internal team, to use our own knowledge and avoid obstructing the daily communication of the project.

Acts of peace portfolio


A solid team

The integration within the team was achieved in a few weeks, which allowed a good adaptation to work with a very slight learning curve.
A process of standardization of the source code was successfully started, improving the quality of the solution together.

Acts of peace portfolio