A partnership with a Spain legal company

Emerita is a startup of lawyers and engineers that since 2017 have been working on its online platform for lawyers. This platform allows the promotion of lawyers and law firms according to an AI ranking based on the judicial decisions that are updated on the website

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We’ve collaborated with them for different projects, and the results have always been very positive.
Overall, we’re very happy with their work.

Chief Information Officer


The lack of a stable team

Although many of the freelancers may have the undoubted experience, the problem lies in the lack of homogeneity in the results, in the lack of metrics, future visibility and scalability due to not having a work team. In addition, the lack of support service after delivering the projects carried out is a problem that falls directly on the quality of the product and on the internal work of the company

Emerita portfolio


A solid full stack team

Our proposal was from the beginning to offer a team with the knowledge and skills to improve this situation. A team was built that, in addition to implementing the developments, helped in the organization of the projects. Our work is done through agile methodologies always aimed to achieve valuable results in a short time and to have early customer feedback, which required more than anything a partner to accompany them in learning to be a startup

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A partner to trust

In a very short time, a relationship of trust was achieved that is difficult to break. The work well accomplished, with good practices and thoroughness, made us a partner to lean on when defining, analyzing, and executing projects.
Over time, the homogeneity that was missing at the beginning of the relationship was achieved, both at the source code level and at the organizational level. In this sense, a well-received contribution was the support service, which provided the security needed to continue project by project, even reducing the need to individually hire freelancers from different parts of the world

Emerita portfolio