We highlight the speed with which Frasal managed to join one of our main projects.
The spirit of collaboration and commitment can be seen from day one

Lic. Gabriela Masi, Systems Director at Tiarg

Gastón is an excellent professional, very resourceful in solving complex problems. He also has a wide command of .NET technologies and his work in database optimization and ETL reporting processes stands out

Software Architect

We’ve collaborated with them for different projects, and the results have always been very positive.
Overall, we’re very happy with their work.

Chief Information Officer

Their capacity to adapt to our needs and to always find the best solutions stands out to me

Digital Channel Coordinator

It has been a pleasure to work with this team. I love to see young people working seriously and professionally. Also, I find it a great value that they work proactively as they do, they got into the project and brought new ideas and added value.

Martin Lucas, Communication Manager at Teleton

Our work

Take a look and know more about what we have done.
You will found any kind of works. From simple data systems until complex problems that need a different mindset than the usual.

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Betrained portfolio

How we do it

In all our works we use agile methodologies and focus is always to have the best communication and collaboration between our and clients teams.
From the discovery, through calls and the most technical typing, until the last support report, we ever give our best effort.

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