A wildfire fighting app

Our Argentine partner had the objective of developing an application for a US client. This app was supposed to alert its users of fires near their homes. For this, it would connect to meteorological services and use information from the community to provide help to other users.


Build an entire team in no time

Create a work team in a short time that will be integrated with the Argentine team and the end customer in the United States. The front end would be developed by us in react native, integrating us to the rest APIs developed by the client. The development time was also a limitation, since we had tough dates to meet.



Get good candidates on time

We had the option of assembling the team in a timely manner through our database of candidates (obtained through safari-group). The intention was to respond as quickly as possible to the needs, integrating ourselves with our client, who would provide a technical leader and a project manager. In addition, we always have the support of the entire Frasal team, which provides greater peace of mind when starting a new project.



A good team, a good result

Utilizing our candidate base was a success, managing to add a first member in just one week. And we iteratively add a second and third member one and two weeks later. This allowed us to immediately integrate into the project and be able to respond on time, as needed. It should be noted that our relationship between the Argentine client and the end client in the United States was always very good and close, allowing developments and the work flow to progress smoothly.