By Gaston | October 10, 2021 | 5 min read

Benefits of Latin American developers

American companies in great need of high-quality development are increasingly turning to Latin America talents and Latin America software for several reasons. Until recently they used to focus mainly on Eastern Europe and Asia, but due to cultural issues, time zone, and even academic and professional levels, they found great potential in South America.


Latin American entrepreneurship is strongly associated with new, disruptive, and innovative technologies. Be it bitcoin, blockchain, artificial intelligence, or IoT, South American companies and professionals specialize and work in cutting-edge technologies to broaden the technological horizon, building awesome Latin America software.
Without any difficulty, examples can be found in Argentina such as Ethereum Hackaton, Uruguayan software startups with deep knowledge and focus on Artificial Intelligence, or the Start-up Chile program with more than 1000 startups seeking to be the new revelation.

Highly trained developers

It is very common that in Latin America countries you can access university education for free. Similarly, there are government campaigns that promote the study of some careers, such as computer science, to mobilize certain industries in the market. These campaigns not only support and motivate to study these careers but also promote the hiring of employees in an internship format to give young people opportunities for growth.

Compared with India, one of the largest outsourcing regions in the world, Latin America has a higher quality of education and professionalism. Although there is a greater volume of talent in India, the quality between the two regions is remarkable. This can be measured even by checking the reputations of professionals from India and Latin America on sites like Stack overflow, where the values ​​are clearly better in Latin America.

Good communication

There is a big difference between working with development teams on the other side of the world and working with one just an hour out of date.
The reality is that for our clients in Latin America and the United States, it is a great advantage that our team is within the same continent, for the simple reason that there are at most a couple of hours between the different time zones. This enables the entire team's office hours to be coordinated and communication to be more fluid and in real time. In the same way, calls can be organized at completely normal hours, without having to leave office hours.
In the same way, it is very advantageous to fly between these countries, due to the low cost in time and money, allowing a better relationship with our clients.


Throughout America, from north to south, there is a complete westernized culture, influenced mainly by Europe. This means that our customs, way of communicating and thinking do not differ greatly across the continent.
This translates into good, open and direct communication, promoting attention to tasks and the team, and above all in a commitment to meeting deadlines and objectives.
Above all, it often happens that our developers have an active attitude, seeking how to improve, how to solve problems and notify where they see one, or if something that is being done does not seem the right thing to do. This is very useful when it comes to saving future problems, because it prevents us from making bad decisions or implementing bad solutions.


Undoubtedly the rates that are handled in Latin America is a strong reason to outsource in this area of ​​the world.
Although they tend to have more expensive values ​​than in Asia or Eastern Europe, for the other reasons that we already mentioned, they continue to have an advantage in the total cost of a project.
On the other hand, compared to US rates, Latin America is 75% cheaper, which implies a strong reason to look south when looking for qualified personnel.

Think about it

If your company is looking to solve its personnel problem or must subcontract an entire project, we urge you to focus on South America.
At Frasal we work with qualified personnel from different Latin American countries to solve your problems.
If you are still thinking about it, we invite you to write to us to understand a little more