By Gastón | August 31, 2022 | 1 min read

Grow through outsourcing

The outsourcing model allows improvements in various fields of a technology company, such as production capacity, specialization in various areas or better response to the market and its changes.
In the midst of a pandemic, the need for IT companies to consider outsourcing as the main option to reduce costs became evident. This happened especially during the financial crisis of 2021, reducing financial costs by up to 30%.

These are several of the benefits that IT obtains by making use of technological improvement through outsourcing:

  • -Increase production capacity: allows meeting market demands without increasing manpower, structure or infrastructure.
  • -Competitiveness: Practices and processes are improved, using resources more efficiently.
  • -Responsibilities: Talent hiring and management processes become unnecessary.
  • -Stability: Using the services of a third party allows maintaining the stability of the infrastructure and training of talent without losing focus on the main objectives of the company.
  • -Flexibility: It is possible to improve processes and diversify the services of a company relying on the knowledge of its technological partner.
  • -Execution times: It is possible to improve using technological platforms and qualified human talent.
  • -Income: With the previous benefits, better income is finally achieved, due to lower costs, execution times, better response and greater flexibility.

This service is recommended when the internal team of an IT company is not enough to respond to its needs. Sometimes it is due to lack of time, specialists or because the business processes are complex. In these cases, it is advisable to take advantage of Nearshore software providers to obtain these services.