By Roberto | August 04, 2021 | 3 min read

If you are thinking of outsourcing, you have to know these four things

It is often believed that outsourcing is just delegating work to an external team. But it is more than that, it is also the interaction with your internal team.
It can be difficult at first to achieve a balance and coordination between the two teams that is fluid.
But it is a very valuable option when you have a limited budget, or if it is difficult for you to get specific profiles or with a lot of experience. Sometimes it is believed that it is a bad option, but the truth has more advantages than disadvantages.
Ultimately, it results in finding the right partner, with the team that is needed for your project, with the same culture, with a similar time zone, with experience, and who understands you. All this is not easy to achieve, but it can be done by looking carefully among your options.

We leave you here four points that will help you decide:

Get out of your town

A lot of companies still work with in-house teams, and many still prefer that their workers belong to their city. But if your project requires knowledge that is not available in your locality, then you should not restrict yourself. It is usually very expensive in time and money to get the necessary people, and precisely there it is a good option to look for a partner that can help us fill those positions. But in any case, we always recommend that your partner has a similar time zone, to avoid choppy communications or after-hours meetings.

Talented developers

It is clear that saving costs is a very important objective. But it is also important to maintain a good quality of work, with personnel who have experience and know what they are doing.
That is why we suggest you look for your partners in Latin America. Not only because they have the same time zone and have lower costs, but because there is a lot of great talent that can get your product take off.

A stable team

If you are thinking of building a team in the long term then you should think about the turnover of your team. It is important to review how your partner works in this regard. How often do people leave? how long does it take to get someone new? how long does it take people to adapt to the project?
You should question these points from the get-go and don't let it become a surprise when the unexpected moment arrives. That is why we urge you to look for a partner in Latin America, because there is a wide range of qualified talent that simplifies each of these points.

The right partner

Adding the above points you will understand that the partner you are looking for must be in a good geographical location and with a favorable business environment.
How will you see, Uruguay meets these requirements, being the largest per capita software exporter in Latin America.
The reasons for this?

  • We have an education that accompanies and encourages software development, in addition to a very stable economy in the country
  • We are literally in the same time zone. This greatly simplifies daily meetings and potential team or client travel, saving thousands of dollars compared to intercontinental travel.
  • The time zone also allows you to minimize communication downtime, improving total project times, and ultimately improving productivity

We hope that these points are useful for you when you have to select a partner. In any case, we are available to talk about your project whenever you want.