Web development for travel agencies

Agileworks was dedicated for a long time to offer software services to different travel agencies in Uruguay. These services included hosting their websites, updating their promotions, maintaining travel packages, and integrating with other systems

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Have a scalable system

In the beginning, when it had a couple of agencies, there was no problem in keeping a few separate websites.
But thinking about increasing the number of clients, we had to think of a solution that would allow it to manage the information of each web agency separately while maintaining a single website

Agile team


A multitenant website

A multitenant system was implemented where the web agency could be distinguished according to the URL of the website. That tenant allowed to establish the styles so that they were different for each agency.
Here, part of the Frasal team worked as members of Agileworks, using the tenant to distinguish the data to be displayed and the packages offered.

Agile team


A robust system

A system was developed that maintained for years about thirty travel agencies at once, greatly simplifying the work that would have been required to do with the original system. In addition, performance and functional improvements were made to the CMS to make it more agile than the initial version.
In this way it was possible to create new sites in a few days, being able to focus the effort on web design and the requirements of each agency, and not so much on the configuration and maintenance of the site itself.

Agile team
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