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Betrained was a platform designed to teach courses to company employees. The companies that bought the product created the courses and their multimedia content through Raccoon and then provided the dictation to the different employees according to their roles.

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Gastón is an excellent professional, very resourceful in solving complex problems. He also has a wide command of .NET technologies and his work in database optimization and ETL reporting processes stands out

Software Architect


High-volume reporting

Among the functionalities that were most used were the reports of all the information collected during the courses. This could be of approval percentages, correct answers, permanence in each course, etc. In addition, aggrupations were requested according to different criteria in each report. The challenge lay in the volume of data, which made it impossible to query in real-time

Betrained portfolio


Processing the information previously

Working within Raccoon, part of the Frasal team designed an architecture that would allow for these queries.
It was about processing the information from a mirror database of the transactional (because the processing was also expensive), transforming it into a particular model for each report. This processing was carried out periodically, keeping the information in the reports with just a few hours old

Betrained portfolio


Millions of data in a second

Each report managed to group, filter, and order the information of tables with more than 100 million records at the same moment as the query. About ten of these reports were made. Several of them were intended for end customers such as Nissan, IKEA, and NH Hotels, who needed this detail of information to present it to regulatory entities to demonstrate that they invested time and money in the training of their employees

Betrained portfolio
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