Our methodology

Our works are always based on agile methodologies such as scrum and kanban. Depending on the working channel we define with our clients, we may use one, the other or both. For example, we can have a planned development channel with scrum and another offering maintenance with kanban.

In this process we also aim at the continuous delivery of value, to offer the best in the shortest possible time and not to lose months in a closed product.


Thanks to years of practice we are convinced these methodologies are the best options today. But no matter which one we choose, we always aim to have an orderly and agile work process in which we are in constant communication with the client, doing a validation from beginning to end of our tasks.


The practice and knowledge grow together.

Our people have years of experience in different kinds of systems. Through the years, we all went accumulating confidence to do the job as well as possible... or better.

Web development
Scientific profiles

We do not find only engineers, we find them with high mathematical and algorithmic preferences.
And we help them to continue studying and preparing to be better.
This makes that all our teams have a scientific profile, capable to resolve the complex problems we like to attack.

Complex problems
Agile experts

We have certificates and more than ten years of agile that support our methodology.
We learned at those years to escort the clients from the beginning. We listen to their problems and think a solution all together as if we were part of their own team.
And especially, in each step, we find the most valuable delivery to resolve that problem, trying to help every time to maximize the outcome of getting a real solution.

Sustainable development
High technical skills

To call us experts in our technologies, we have a validation method that guarantees the quality, maintainability, and readability of our solutions.
Also, we love to learn the newest technologies, libraries, and methods we can use in our systems. So, we try every day to stay informed about the latest technology news.

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