who we are

Expert developers
expert developer

we are highly motivated and expert developers

Agile team
agile team

stable and multifunctional team of people with different roles and committed sprint to sprint

Pixel-perfect design
pixel-perfect design

developers and designers focus on UX from the beginning to ensure the best user experience

innovative team

From Product owners to cooks, from designers to gamers, our work teams are very varied but very united. The strength behind frasal is the people and with that in view is that we take care of them as the most sacred

  • Foto de Daniel Frascarelli
    Daniel Frascarelli
    Founder & CTO

    farmer and addict to matte

  • Foto de Stefano Nodale
    Stefano Nodale
    Product Owner

    homely person, enthusiastic and matte drinker

  • Foto de Rocio Cruz
    Rocio Cruz Linares
    Chief Developer

    Educational activities enthusiast, perfectionist and occasional writer

  • Foto de Alejandro Mustelier
    Alejandro Mustelier
    Chief Developer

    Tech addict, freestyle rap, skateboards

  • Foto de Adriano Flechilla
    Adriano Flechilla
    Chief Developer

  • Foto de Claudia Gomez
    Claudia Gomez
    Chief Developer

    I was born with a reading list I'll never finish

  • Foto de Roberto Salas
    Roberto Salas
    Chief Marketing Manager

    passionate about backpacking travelling

  • Foto de Jose Rios
    Jose Rios
    Chief Developer

    Love to teach and puzzles fan

  • Foto de Martin Pintos
    Martin Pintos
    UX/UI Designer

  • Foto de Gaston Lasalt
    Gaston Lasalt
    Founder & CEO

    luminescent stuff reader

  • Foto de Luciana Prates
    Luciana Prates
    UI Designer

    lover of all animals and plants.
    addicted to learning.

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our methodology

Our works are always based on agile methodologies such as scrum and kanban. Depending on the working channel we define with our clients, we may use one, the other or both. For example, we can have a planned development channel with scrum and another offering maintenance with kanban.

In this process we also aim at the continuous delivery of value, to offer the best in the shortest possible time and not to lose months in a closed product.

Thanks to practice we are convinced these methodologies are the best options today. But no matter which one we choose, we always aim to have an orderly and agile work process in which we are in constant communication with the client, doing a validation from beginning to end of our tasks.

Methodology image

our focus

Leaving technology aside, our main focus is sustainable development

Whether working on renewable and clean energy, participating in social activities or simply taking care of our own habits, our mission by choice is the well-being of all

As we usually say, life comes first

Sustainable image

our focus

And our technological mission is to belong to the fourth industrial revolution, for us and for you

Complex problems multiply in this revolution and nobody can avoid it

So let's face it with the tools of this revolution, let's get into it using Big Data, artificial intelligence and the internet of things

Let's not be left out

Fourth revolution image
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